Sasa guides us through the first steps of a Great Skincare Routine

The classic European checks in our mothers’ days were up to three: cleansing lotions -usually with cotton- and hydrating -day and night- cream? I think that was it. I remember this at least from my mom, whose routine was always minimal anyway.

At the moment I think we use between 3-5 products. Anything beyond that would be too much, especially in the morning, but also at night when we are tired.
I start my beauty routine with the essential skin cleaning that I think is necessary. Here I can say that I prefer using a different product for the morning - lighter - and another product for the evening.

Για να συνεχίσεις να διαβάζεις και να αποκτήσεις πρόσβαση σε όλο το περιεχόμενο, γίνε μέλος με ένα απλό κλικ.

Γίνε μέλος