The “From Common Ground Theatre” (4 Evpatridon Street, Gazi – metro station Kerameikos) presents, from November 3 and every Friday and Saturday at 21.00, the performance “The little word love” by August Cortot, adapted and directed by Nandia Dalcyriadou, with Angeliki Xenou and Vasiliki Koulis.

The performance is based on the novel of the same name by Augusto Cortot, published by Patakis and touches on the sensitive and unfortunately constantly topical issue of gender and family violence.

Madia, the girl from Blind Water, learned what violence is first-hand. Within the family, by the hand of the father. The time came when she ran away from her tormentor for a better life but a new cycle of violence awaited her… Behind a love, well hidden, a new tormentor. A new cycle of violence, more painful.

How much does it cost to be a woman?
How much does life cost?
How much does love cost?
Between life and death. A girl stumbles and tells us her story.
For this
The little word love.

Information – Reservations: 211 4057249

Ticket prices: Friday: General Admission: 12€, Saturday: 15€ (regular) 10€ (reduced: students, unemployed, disabled, group bookings of more than 10 people)

Online pre-sale:

*The novel by August Cortot “The little word love” is published by Pataki Publications.

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