Dear Lena and everyone, I want to break up but I don’t know how. We have been together for 8 years and unfortunately, in the last year I have noticed that we have no common dreams or goals for the future. Even our views on key issues have become diametrically opposed to each other. I’m fully aware that we have to break up but the thing is, I can’t speak up. No matter how much we open the discussion and we see it’s getting there, and we indirectly come always to the same conclusion, we just leave it there. Unfortunately, my partner has also been out of work for the last 7 months and he has no support from parents or anyone else to expect, and all of this makes it harder for me to put an end to it. But I also feel like a hypocrite for not saying it outright. I’m also on therapy to strengthen myself, but I don’t feel like it has really helped me, at least not yet. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to wait for him to get back on his feet? How do you break up when there is still care and love? I would love to hear your views!

It’s something to discuss in your therapy, isn’t it? How do you break up when there is care and love? Is it right to wait for him to get back on his feet? This is exactly what you need to bring up as an issue.

To discuss this a little bit here, what is the alternative? Suppress your own desires forever and never break up with him?

You can still love and care for him without sharing your life with him.

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