Dear Lena, what is your opinion about the skims nipple bra? I marvel, if it takes fabric nipples to normalize the leathery ones, why not? On the other hand we buy something with nipples while there are our own underneath, sounds a bit like a money making industry. I don’t know, what do you think? For me, the scales tip in my favour.

I don’t like the idea and I feel like a boomer in the 1979 location. It seems to me that we’ve reached a new level of neo-puritanism with “it’s not a real nipple, it’s skims” which are even at a certain point and a certain size, because a nipple can’t be anywhere and be any size and now it’s going to be an opportunity for various women to feel bad about their nipples AND their nipples.

In this case, we tolerate the nipples because a) they’re not real, b) they’re covered, and c) those wearing this bra are (I assume? ) that the only way to have a nipple is for fantasy and the male gaze, so they don’t support nipples in general, but the tastes that the female breast brings out, this particular perspective, which is not new. It’s ancient. Does this help women who want to breastfeed in public? Does free the nipple help? Women with breast cancer?

Is it too woke what I’m saying and am I being a caricature? I wouldn’t tell someone not to get it, because I see the chutzpah in all of this. I don’t doubt Kim will make more millions, but guys, that she is using climate change to sell bras I wonder how it hasn’t led to a cancel yet. Isn’t that silly to say the least?
I don’t know, what do you young people think? I feel a bit Bob Dylan with all this.

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