My question is of a professional nature. I work for a large company in Greece, which undertakes projects for various clients. In my team there is my colleague (aged 29, who is younger in the workplace), me, aged about 35 with 10 years’ experience and a position higher up the hierarchy than my colleague and with a lot of experience, and a supervisor and project manager about 15 years older than me. The hierarchy goes with age. We work on a site where we don’t have day-to-day supervision from our most senior people, managers etc. and the supervisor of the site practically does nothing. All day long he sits on the internet, goes shopping, reads the news and just blows off and blows off that we’re not going to get the job done. We have been working on this project for almost 2 years but apart from being stressed and expecting everything (but everything) from us, he does practically no substantial work. I go out to work, find solutions, run around, do outside appointments with clients, do some hack work sometimes because it’s very much needed and someone has to do it (since only 2 of the 3 of us work), as does my colleague who also works very hard. I have her on my side, and she agrees that the supervisor needs to get a move on. But he, as the person in charge of the job, doesn’t seem to be doing anything. When our superiors visit us, he talks to them, monopolizing the conversation a little, and showing that he is involved and knows about the work, but they themselves have probably taken him for granted (since they have been throwing out rumours, especially recently, that he is not doing anything). as many times as he gets stressed and tends to ask us to work harder to achieve the goal, i answer him very directly and i have even talked to him, many times…sometimes in a nice, nice way, sometimes in a more direct and cool way, and sometimes even in an aggressive way. We’ve even gotten to the point of fighting because he gets offended when he realizes we have a problem that’s not working, and he gets defensive.I’ve asked him to take over things for the team. At first he seems to understand, then the same thing. No matter how I say it. I’ve stopped because it doesn’t make sense… I can clearly see that it’s first of all a matter of mismanagement on the part of the company, but it’s also clearly a matter of patriarchy (the man in power sits around doing nothing while the “girls” as he calls us, the team, do the work). The question is, apart from getting up and leaving, what else can I do? because there is a risk that we will not reach the target if one of the three does not work… I am very concerned about reaching the target because my own promotion/raise will be decided there. Should I report the issue to the person who is a supervisor and above this person ? or is there not much I can do ?

I think so, but our pro team is much more experienced than me and I think they will give you very specific suggestions.