Aγαπητή Λένα, Η κυρία που καθαρίζει το σπίτι πριν κανά τρίμηνο είδε μία ωραία κούπα που είχα και είπε “αχ τι όμορφη να πιω εδώ τον καφέ μου;” (επειδή πάντα πίνει καφέ…...

Για να συνεχίσεις να διαβάζεις και να αποκτήσεις πρόσβαση σε όλο το περιεχόμενο, γίνε μέλος με ένα απλό κλικ.

Γίνε μέλος

Τα σχόλια είναι προσβάσιμα μόνο στα μέλη της Womanlandia. Για να γίνετε μέλος, πατήστε εδώ.

Dear Lena,
The lady who cleans the house a couple of months ago saw a nice mug I had and said “oh what a beautiful cup to drink my coffee in?” (because she always drinks coffee at home), and I told her if you want yes just carefully because it’s my favorite, and then she said oh no then I won’t drink it let’s not have an accident. Now I have a new mug fine, and now she is here (I am writing to you while she is here that is), she is drinking her coffee in the new mug! Without asking me! What should I do? Should I say something to her? She’s generally very nice and trustworthy and the best cleaner I’ve ever had, and I don’t know how to handle it. I know it sounds like a first world problem, but let’s not dwell on it.

And I don’t know how to handle what I just read.

If your friend came to you and said what a nice mug, can I drink my coffee here, would you say “yes, just be careful, because it’s my favourite?” Only in your own cricket fingers is “your favorite mug” safe? Do the others have shovels instead of hands?

Or do you reserve this type of rudeness only for the cleaning lady, who dared to say her coffee in the other new mug (also very very nice) three months AFTER you had warned her that her face is not for your crockery! It’s not enough that he drinks coffee in your house!

So, either lock the Hermes china and Fabergé eggs in the cabinet with a key you hang on your belt, or get plastic cups so that neither you nor the staff are stressed.

I have another solution, have a separate locker that says “for slaves” so that people who come in for services don’t get confused. Put the cheap coffee there, which is a bit sour, and get rid of it all together, so it doesn’t go to waste.

As Womanlandia we offer a six-pack of (nice, very nice, brand new) mugs for your compulsive socializing.

Τα σχόλια είναι προσβάσιμα μόνο στα μέλη της Womanlandia. Για να γίνετε μέλος, πατήστε εδώ.