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By Sophia Savagner*

“Tangency Points” by Sophia Savagner, @sophia.savagner

Tangency points are to understand in the context of a general exploration of proprioception.

Proprioception can be described as the unconscious perception of body position and location (through movement and interior stimulus). It includes balance, equilibrium but not only. It also includes in a broader spectrum our sense of corporeality.

This artwork is about the embodiment of desire through the female orgasm. It isn’t a representation of female orgasm itself, but a representation of desire building up and transforming itself into the road to orgasms.

This road can be seen as a tangent : an ephemeral yet infinite bolt of lighting. The point of tangency is the source of all orgasms.

The mask is worn as imagery of a person’s perspective of the body, without a mirror.

Crossing legs to apply pressure on the clitoris is a popular masturbation technique amongst females, especially in the early stages of sexuality. I see this leg position as a symbol of the beginning of sexual self-discovery. The tangency point (created by the crossed legs here) is also a display of great tension and force: it is the beginning of all orgasms. 

The central part of the mask is engorged and dilated ; it plays the role of the luscious nerve structure in the vulva.

The person wearing the mask is mimicking the mask’s function ; blind, naked, almost floating in space.

I see these two photographs as the meeting point between the proprioception of a future orgasm, and a projection of our body schema.

It is a tribute to the beginning of all female orgasms.

*Sophia Savagner is a Franco-American eco-artist, living currently in Europe. 

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